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                Guangzhou Eco-Nature Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a leading distribution company of worldwide innovative active ingredients, natural extracts and functional raw materials for all personal care applications and cosmetic industry. Backed by specialist technical support and international marketing concept, we have established extensive sales network providing blanket coverage throughout Southern and Eastern China since our establishment in 2009.

                Among our group, experienced personal care technical support formulators offer customers formulation and research advice, as well as training, seminars and lectures on latest trends. At the same time, our application laboratory supports customers and suppliers with new formulations and solutions. As a market intermediary we pass on our knowledge to customers and suppliers, creating transparency and trust in partnership.

                We believe in the beauty of nature. We strive to provide our customers the finest Eco-friendly and Nature-breeding extracts and active ingredients. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer services. We are looking forward to representing more suppliers overseas and serving more customers in China. We have confidence to embrace the prosperous and bright business future together with you! Come to join us!