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                Whencertain chemical elements are combined, they can sometimes produce dramaticreactions. The same is true of the combination of our quality elements:innovation and tradition. The history of BioEpiderm GmbH, which was establishedin 2004 as a subsidiary of Bio-Gate AG, shows that the two are closely relatedand together can lead to success. Bio-Gate is one of the leading providers ofsolutions and products for novel antimicrobial materials and the sole supplierworldwide of complete client solutions in the field of silver technology.
                The knowledge and expertise developed by Bio-Gate in the production and use ofmicro-size silver has now been made exclusively available to BioEpiderm GmbHfor micro-size silver – known as MicroSilver BG? – for dermatological usein personal care and cosmetics products. The origins of MicroSilver BG? in factprecede Bio-Gate as the original research was undertaken over fifteen years agoby the prestigious Fraunhofer Institute, from which Bio-Gate subsequentlyacquired and further refined the technology.