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                Northstar Lipids

                Northstar specializes in functional, high value plant derived natural oils. We have over 30 years technical, operational and commercial experience and a breadth of expertise covering the sourcing, processing and end-user applications, which enables us to help our customers select the right oil for their needs, be it for health-foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals uses.

                Our supplier base is broad, global and well established. The biggest advantage is our drive from crops produced places close to our UK headquarters, as covered by our UK Origins project. Production of the finished oil includes several steps, all of which are managed by experts in their field and they operate to high quality standards including GMP, ISO and ECOCERT and manufactured to the highest level of consistency and quality.

                We have a special interest in product innovation and in particular we identify novel materials which have enhanced functionality and which give our customers ‘next generation’ ingredients designed to meet both current and future trends. Our customers are our most important asset. When working with Northstar Lipids you can be assured that your needs will be considered carefully and professionally. We will always seek to supply material that meets with your precise technical and commercial requirements.