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                Cosphatecis a leading German company for the manufacture of raw materials to thecosmetics industry. High-quality complexing agents, antioxidants, emulsifiersand multifunctionals are delivered to customers all over the world via ourpowerful, international distribution network. Alternative preservatives for thenatural cosmetics sector have been our focus ever since the founding of ourcompany in 2005. In addition, own raw materials and raw material combinationsare developed in our company laboratory in Hamburg.

                Cosphatec'smany years of expertise are based on the continuous expansion in the field ofresearch and development. This way, we ensure that future demands areidentified early and creative solutions are found. Cosphatec ensures thatcompanies can address the ever changing market demands and successfully meetthe increasing responsibility in the field of environmentally sustainabilitywith its innovative research approaches and highest quality standards.

                Cosphatec,as an established company, attaches great importance to professionalism andreliability and an open exchange of thoughts and ideas for mutual benefit inall its business dealings. Cosphatec does not limit itself to the bundling ofraw materials and services for its clients, but is also interested in providingthe opportunity for growth and continued increase in competitiveness by themeans of innovative and premium products.