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                Active Concepts LLC

                ActiveConcepts LLC was founded in 2000 with the intention of providing the Cosmeticand Personal Care Industries with innovative ingredients. We thrive in today’srapidly evolving marketing environment by harnessing the latest technologicaladvances to create novel products useful for brand differentiation.

                ActiveConcepts is a global company with established facilities in North America,Europe and Asia. Having multiple manufacturing sites allows us to develop andsupply products locally so we may fully recognize the needs of differentregional markets within the Cosmetic and Personal Care communities. Our goal isto develop unique products that deliver value added benefits while setting ahigher standard for customer satisfaction.

                Ourproduct development is based on our different platforms of technology, whichinclude delivery systems, bio-actives, biofermentation, extraction, proteinchemistry and functional ingredients. Aside from offering an abundance ofstandard products we also welcome the opportunity to develop raw materialsspecifically tailored to our customers’needs.