1Gbps Unmanaged USA Cloud VPS Hosting
  • 1Gbps Uplink*
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • DDos Protected Server
  • USA Based Cloud Server
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Our 1Gbps USA Cloud VPS Hosting Will Meet All Needs!

UltratechHost provides USA based Cloud servers that allows you to build architectures requiring a virtual network quickly and easily Powered By KVM Virtualization Giving much scalability in performances. Delivered in your own network, they give you private and free communication between servers. Our Public Cloud is a flexible, scalable, and highly redundant virtualized hosting platform. Now you can focus on what you’re really good at. Our public cloud is ideal for a variety of workloads, including testing and development, email and web hosting.


Free Basic Firewall

Our Cloud VPS includesFree Basic Firewall to protect your server from attacks.
24/7 Support Expertise

Free Migration

We will migrate your data from your existing/current provider for free*.
Business Growth

Redundant Network

1Gbps Burstable Network with our Cloud VPS and Premium Bandwidth

Power at the right price with Cloud VPS

Dedicated Control & Functionality In A Scalable Environment!

Hard Disk
OS Type

/Mo Buy Now!



Control Panels

  • cPanel/WHM Panel€ 13.00 /mo.
  • Plesk Onyx Panel(10 Domains) € 10.99 /mo.
  • Plesk Onyx Panel(30 Domains) € 14.99 /mo.
  • Direct Admin€ 7.99 /mo.

Web Servers

  • Litespeed - 2GB RAM FREE
  • Litespeed - 8GB RAM € 08.99/mo.
  • Nginx Admin FREE
  • cPNginx cPanel Plugin€ 60.00 /yr.

Other Addons

  • WHMCS Branded€ 14.99 /mo.
  • WHMCS UnBranded€ 18.99 /mo.
  • Softaculous€ 2.99 /mo.
  • 2 TB Bandwidth€ 25.99 /mo.


Free SSD Drive

20x faster SSD Drive with all hosting fetures enabled to enhance the accessibility of your websites.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

With our robust network and cutting edge technology, we guarantee 99.99% uptime.

24/7 Online Support

Highly experienced engineers are available to resolve any queries.

Easy to Manage Control Panel

Easy to manage inbuilt panel access is given to manage and monitor Cloud VPS resources.

Linux/Windows Ready

Linux Distros ranging from CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Suse and Windows OS 2012/2016 Ready.

DDOS Protected IPs

Free DDOS Protected IP Address, Getting Attacks try us now with Free Basic Firewall Protection.

FAQ - Have Questions? We Got Answers For You!

It is the hosting of virtual private server on the cloud. Cloud VPS Hosting is the powerful alternate of dedicated servers and affordable than dedicated servers. Cloud server allows you to easily scale the server resources at any time. Cloud VPS Hosting is the most reliable hosting service as your data will be stored on multiple servers to ensure that data is easily retrieved when encountered with any server issue.
UltratechHost ensures that your server is deployed quickly with no hassles caused. Depending on the operating system and other additional features selected, the server deployment takes around 1 to 5 working hours.
No. With Cloud VPS we do not provide moneyback guarantee.
Yes, you can have your own private cloud. Your Cloud VPS is based on KVM virtualization technology, providing you high level virtual dedicated server environment. You will have complete control over your server and can easily scale up/down the resources whenever required.
There is no term called ‘burstable’ when it comes to cloud hosting. All your server resources are only dedicated to you. You can use the resources you pay for, and pay only for the resources you have utilized.
Video streaming is supported on cloud servers. Although, support for video streaming depends on the size of multimedia file or video which will be streamed, the number of video viewers and the resources available on the virtual server.
No. We do not believe in binding you with any constraints, hence we do not have any contract period with cloud hosting service. Sign up today with Free Server setup, and you are eligible to cancel the service at anytime with no exit fees.
Yes, we do provide both Linux and Windows Cloud Servers. For windows servers you can choose from Windows 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016.
You can connect to Linux platform based server through SSH and PuTTY. Connect to the Windows platform based server via Remote Desktop.
You get only 1 IPv4 address for free.
Yes. You can install any required application or software. But in case if you receive any abuse report then you need to remove the content and update the abuse report on time. So ensure to read our Acceptable Usage Policy before installing anything to adhere to our usage policy.
You can reinstall the OS at anytime, But if you would like to change the OS then please open a support ticket.

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